Meet Frida

I am Frida, the writer of this blog, creator of a Youtube Channel and online shop keeper. I write about my life having Aspergers, things I find interesting or important; crafting, art, jewellery veganism, photography, mental health and such with lots of photos. I also post my Etsy updates and New YouTube videos.

I live in Sweden, in a little house with a garden in the forest close to Gothenburg. I live with my husband Ola, Millicent the Labradoodle and Billy and Ivar the Angora rabbits.

For as long as I can remember I have been creating things, starting with paper, sequins and glue going via polymer clay, oil painting and sculpting, working my way up to silver, contemporary jewellery, arriving at knitting, spinning, weaving and dyeing, going round to jewellery and I don’t think I have landed yet.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, actually as a contemporary jeweller. I find that an education in art is very versatile and I always draw on my past experiences in my present pursuits.

Fridays are my favourite days, so what could be a better reason for naming my former dyeing studio, my blog and my other creative endeavours after it, well, maybe the fact that Friday starts with my name. 😉

I recon I have what I need in my life, I even have enough to help others, so, through Action Aid, I sponsor a girl in India. Her name is Geetha, she lives in a very remote location in the north west of India. The contribution helps her and the other children in the village to go to school, to know their rights in the Indian society and keep their unique traditions and language alive.

Thank you for your support and I appreciate you stopping by!
Love Frida