Knitting Patterns Available on Etsy

…and also on Ravelry if you are a member of that great community.

I do love to knit, especially socks and after a while I got ideas of socks I wanted to try to create, so I started writing sock patterns. I have also written a few shawl patterns, one using sock yarn, obviously, and the other specifically made for hand spun yarn, and making sure to use every last bit of it.

Every Last Bit

This pattern is perfect for those lonely but cherished skeins of hand spun, hand dyed or souvenir yarn, since it uses up every last bit and you will get the most out of your skein.

You will weigh your yarn during the knitting process so each section will be proportionally right and you will have just enough, but not a lot, left over.

About 100g or more is good, but it will work with any amount, you will just get a very small or very large shawl.






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