Knitting Patterns Available on Etsy

…and also on Ravelry if you are a member of that great community.

I do love to knit, especially socks and after a while I got ideas of socks I wanted to try to create, so I started writing sock patterns. I have also written a few shawl patterns, one using sock yarn, obviously, and the other specifically made for hand spun yarn, and making sure to use every last bit of it.

Fanny’s Handiwork

These are the socks that Fanny Price, from Jane Austens book Mansfield Park, knits, after she has helped Lady Bertram with her questionable handiwork, with her head full of hopeless dreams of being Mrs Edmund Bertram and the images and shapes of a life as a ministers wife.

The socks are knitted from the cuff down, in fingering weight sock yarn, on 2mm needles. They fit an average woman’s foot and are ankle high, about 10 cm from the heel up. One size fits most women, If you want a slightly larger size, try going up a needle size or two, or use sport weight yarn. They have a fold down lace cuff, an afterthought heel and are knitted in a broken rib that gives a bit of a pinstriped effect.


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