Knitting Patterns Available on Etsy

…and also on Ravelry if you are a member of that great community.

I do love to knit, especially socks and after a while I got ideas of socks I wanted to try to create, so I started writing sock patterns. I have also written a few shawl patterns, one using sock yarn, obviously, and the other specifically made for hand spun yarn, and making sure to use every last bit of it.

Kebnekaise Socks

This pattern follows the colours of the yarn, it will be as unpredictable or predictable as your yarn. This is the charm of this pattern, let the colours lead you and you will never quite know what you will get.
Kebnekaise is the name of Sweden’s highest mountain at 2102 m.

100g of fingering weight yarn.
You need a yarn with a strong enough accent, either a mostly one-coloured yarn with an accented part that consists of about one fourth of the colour repeat or less, or a yarn with a strong striping effect where you can use the changes as accents

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