Knitting Patterns available on Etsy

…and also on Ravelry if you are a member of that great community.

I do love to knit, especially socks and after a while I got ideas of socks I wanted to try to create, so I started writing sock patterns. I have also written a few shawl patterns, one using sock yarn, obviously, and the other specifically made for hand spun yarn, and making sure to use every last bit of it.

Shoes + Socks = True 


I have always seen the possibility of this pattern in a heel flap. However has until now eluded me. But, it just had to be made, and it had to be made flat, at least part of it. Also in the, for me, new and strange method of intarsia, at least part of it. It was a great learning experience for me, both in knitting and in pattern designing.
The socks are knitted flat using intarsia where the sock and shoe coexist, with the toe knit in the round.
Use a fun stripy or variegated yarn for the sock part and for the shoe part, a color you have always wanted a pair of shoes in.


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