Clever Packaging

Some photo highlights of our second day here, and the night before. Still I have not edited any photos.

Lit up city scape, this is pointing west but I have the water (bay) at my back, east, yes it is very confusing.
One of the more “modern” cable cars, they come in all kinds of fun colors.
A selfie! Ola is impossible to photograph, so I am laughing like crazy at his “dont photograph me” jokes. San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background.
I took about a million photos, and this one turned out pretty good. Bay Bridge again.
Yea, lots of bridge photos, just you wait there is “the” bridge too, I haven’t got to that yet. The lights do fancy stuff at night, blinking, going in waves and stuff.
It’s a blurry hill!
That is just silly!!! Mor Annas Pepparkakor!
Good Morning!
Morning sun on the palm trees. The time difference have made us morning people, trying to keep it that way while we are here.
You can’t see anywhere because all the buildings in the financial district (where we are) are so high!! It’s actually a bit claustrophobic. I’m going to try to walk away from the skyscrapers today.
Ok, cutest way ever to package chrysanthemums!!!
I followed this adorable dog, Golden doodle?, to the Yerba Buena Gardens. Eh, parks are a lot smaller here, beautiful though, and its spring, cherry blossoms, green grass, flowers.
People enjoying their lunch hour in the sun. I have to stop going out during the lunch rush!!
A tree full of hearts and initials. 🙂 ❤
Yea, I made it to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, but at that point I was too tired to go in and look at the exhibitions. I did take a tour in the gift shop, and got some postcards and a mug. The jewellery selection was fabulous, and expensive of course, but I thoroughly enjoyed looking.

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Love Frida

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