Bullet Journal Update

how I Bullet JournalI’m still Bullet Journaling, it is very seldom I stick to something this long. And, added bonus, and also the actual point of Bullet Journaling, it’s keeping me more organised! Yay.
I actually have a grasp of things that is happening in the future, like way in the future, seems more like I have a life now that I think/write about it.

Since I was actually sticking to it and I was getting more and more frustrated by the lines in the (really lovely, but “lines”) Rhodia notebook I was using, I decided I was ready for a “real” Bullet Journal journal. And by “real” I mean the one I wanted with dots instead of lines, seriously if you are going to do this, choose the book you love!

I got a dotted, hardback, Emerald A5 Leuchtturm 1917. With a pen holder. 🙂 (No I didn’t draw that emerald, I stole it off the internet like normal people) And do I love the dotted pages? Yes I do!
I also might have invested in a black Sakura Pigma Micron 005 pen as well, and changed the ink in my fountain pen to neon coral pink. Yay, limited edition ink. 😉

I learned a smidgeon too much about fountain pens when I was getting one for myself. I got a very affordable and great Lamy Safari limited edition 2014 in, you guessed it, neon coral.
Lets have a look at some of my spreads, shall we.

April: I still had the “old” lined book.april 17-23Above – Nice. Below – Horrible! Move on, better next week.april 24-30I found some really cute stamps! I should break out my water colours too!

May: Starting with the “old” book… Nice looking week though…may 1-7But then… Tada! New book! May 8-14This is my favourite spread yet. Which is good, I’m learning. may 15-21

There are monthly spreads, trackers, book lists, ekonomy and things too of course. And if you are wondering, the pink background in all the pictures is my computer lap table from IKEA wich is also my writing “desk”.
I really love this Bullet Journaling thing… five out of five fancy pens.

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