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New to the Bullet Journal

New to Bullet JournalingI’m new to this bullet journaling thing. Its called an Analog system for a digital age.

“The Bullet Journal is an analog system designed to track the past, organise the present and plan for the future”
-Ryder Carrol, the inventor of the Bullet journal.

All you need is a notebook and a pen, thought lots of people tap into their creative side and decorate with drawings, stickers, color coding and washi-tape. If you search Pinterest or Instagram you will find droves of creative or efficient bullet journals.

It’s not just a fancy notebook, it is an actual system to make your life easier and more manageable, I, as everyone else talking about the Bullet Journal, recommend that you go visit bulletjournal.com and watch the video and read a little bit about it. It’s very accessible and nicely explained.

One of the big points is that you start with a blank notebook and a pen and create a journal/calendar that suits just your needs, and also is adaptable if you want changes over time.

I had this very nice Rhodia lined notebook lying around doing no good. I got it with my also very nice Lamy neon coral fountain pen. They recommend, loosely, a dotted notebook, but really you can use anything you like, there are even notebooks made for the bullet journal to buy. My material side really wants one of those, but lets see if I stick to his or not first, also the rhodia is lovely.
See on the above picture that I have the elastic on the diagonal when it is really supposed to go vertical, that is a neat trick to get a place to stick your pen, smart right.

Bullet Journal10A title page, to see at a glance what it is or what year this book records. I’m planning for the future here. ūüėČ (I have a consistent tendency to give up on things like this after a few weeks, but Im hoping)

Bullet Journal9And a page for “belongs to” and a plea to contact me if someone finds the book on its own.

Bullet Journal8Here is my index, Inneh√•llsf√∂rteckning in Swedish, and this you ad to as you fill your pages, you don’t have to number the whole book at once, just number as you go. I saved the next spread for the index too. The postcard on the left, I got ages ago from IKEA and it adds a bit of color and hides the scribbles from when I used the book before. Thats a good tip by the way; if you mess upp, cover it with a sticker or something. Its not supposed to be perfect.

Bullet Journal7The key is an integral part of the system and you can use it religiously or barely at all, whatever suits you, I went with the original system plus some color coding stickers, the monkey sticker represents the funny encouraging stickers I put on days I workout. ūüôā
I recommend you research this if you are going to start your own bullet journal, to see which system appeals to you.
Oh, and the journal is in swinglish or svengelska, a mix between Swedish and English, since that comes most natural to me.

Here we have the “future log”, a compact calendar for the whole year, where you can write down birthdays, big important things, or things that will appear in a future monthly spread.

Then we have a few “collections” this is a very optional part, do it if you like or if there is something you want to track over the year. I have Books I have read, Social Media Tracker (not finished), Weight over time, and a page to jot down blog ideas. You can ofcours ad these in whenever and wherever you get inspired.
Bullet Journal1This is a monthly spread, I started now in April so I made the april spread of course. On the left side is all the days of the month with a letter for what day of the week it is, and above there is a tiny square calendar, if I prefer that visual overview, I don’t know yet.
On the right side are a few things I am tracking daily during the month, exercise, walks, cleaning and things like that. And lastly a place for notes. There are so many ideas out there on monthly and daily spreads, so just choose one you think you might like, and you can change it for next month if you find something better.

Bullet Journal2Lastly, for now, I made a weekly spread of this week. Here, also there are so many ways to do this, so research and find one you like, you can be as creative or as efficient as you like.
Monday through Friday are on the left, the giant giraffe¬†sticker signifies that I took a Pilates class that day. Sunday and Saturday are on the right with a place for any notes for the week and some mood faces below, I will probably experiment a lot with the weekly layout. Some people want a whole page per day, but I just don’t have that much to do, so this is fine for me. ūüôā

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